Goals Like a Boss

Goal setting is a crucial step in getting what you want – but where do we start?  How do we identify what we want in a world full of options?  For many of us the idea of deciding what we want to do or be, is overwhelming and scary.  Sometimes, setting goals feels like a useless task, because things always seem to change along the way. The reality is, it’s not the goal you’ve set that’s the problem, it’s the way you’ve set it that’s holding you back!  In this article we take a look at 5 steps to make goal setting easy and attainable.  These steps will not only help you visualize where you want to be, but also, help you set realistic timelines and stay accountable. 
Take a read and let us know – what goals will you be setting for yourself?   
Jenny Shirbroun

A New Kind Of Resolution


I think New Year Resolutions are important. I make them every year, but sadly, achieve them less than 50 percent of the time. Maybe it’s because most of mine have been about getting down to size-impossible and rocking a tanned and toned bikini bod. For what? I’m happily married to a man who loves my curves and naturally un-tanned skin, and let’s face it, I am a mom, who’s pregnant again, and have no time or desire to hit the beach for Spring Break. So, I say, forget the typical fitness goal this year (I am writing this as I devour a delicious bowl of salted caramel and hazelnut ice cream), my 2015 New Year Resolution gets down to what really matters in my life: practicing patience and being present.

Being a stay-at-home mom to a busy toddler, while carrying baby #2 (due in June), has helped me realize that I am not patient, in fact, I am high-strung and typically exhausted. Road rage, snapping at my son or husband before assessing the situation, and the constant feeling of needing to rush through my day/week/month is not okay — it’s taking a toll on me, and the ones I love. So, this year, I will demonstrate patience by being in the moment, being thoughtful, taking deep breaths, and occasionally disconnecting from my phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

When I told my husband about my goal, he asked: “How will you measure if you achieved it?” My answer was simple: “I will see how I feel this time next year.” If I’m still feeling constantly stressed and rushed, then I did not achieve my goal. So much good can come from my resolution to be patient and present. Here are 10 benefits off the top of my head:

  1. I will become a better listener
  2. I will not feel anxiety in my daily life
  3. I will have less tension in my back and shoulders
  4. I will snap less often at my toddler (husband, and others)
  5. I will savor and enjoy the milestones of my second pregnancy
  6. I will sleep better
  7. I will make healthier eating choices
  8. I will get back into yoga
  9. I will feel more fulfilled
  10. I will set a good example for my children and those around me

Doesn’t that all sound awesome? What is your 2015 resolution?

-Lauren T.

Time to Turkey Trot


I’ve always had a hate love relationship with exercise. I hate doing it, but love how it makes me feel. I’ve been chubby all my life and my slow metabolism has not improved any with age and 2 kids. The last time I would consider myself to have been in shape was 4 years ago, before I got pregnant with my oldest. So, instead of setting a weight goal, or size goal, I set a post 2nd baby fitness goal so I would focus on getting heart healthy, instead of thin.

I’ve never been a runner and dear g-d, now I know why. I really don’t like it, but started in March at whatever I could physically do and set my goal from there. So, I ponied up and clocked my 1st mile at 18 minutes. I injured my back in July, which created some significant setbacks, then realized by September that if I didn’t set a firm time frame in which to achieve my goal, it would just fizzle away. So, I started a Facebook group to keep myself accountable and told myself I’d hit my goal by Thanksgiving.

So my goal? The Turkey Trot. 5k, 39 minutes (appx 12 minute mile). Right now I’m running a mile in about 13 minutes, which would be great if the race wasn’t the day after tomorrow. I’m seriously scared and wondering why in the world I would announce my goal to Facebook land. What if I fail? I have amassed a group of women who are stronger runners to run “with me” to keep me motivated. I don’t want to let them down. I don’t want to have to report back to Facebook tomorrow that I set my goal to just miss the mark. I hope I make it, but am not confident I will.

So?! I did it!!! I didn’t think I would, but I did. I started out of the gate strong and then had to walk portions of the race. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it. I even thought at one point I was going to hurl in the sand. “Focus on your breathing, your legs, your feet. Anything but your stomach”. Then I started noticing the people around me. Some wearing knee braces, some limping through, some in wheelchairs. WTF Mary?!?!?! If you have 2 working legs and feet and can put one in front of the other, then just do it!!!

I eventually found (or realized I was pacing with) someone who was running with her trainer. Towards the finish line, the trainer was talking about finishing strong. So I started sprinting towards the finish line. By the time I could see the clock it was at 38:40! Seeing the seconds fly by propelled me at an even greater speed and I hit the finish line at 38:50.

I cried. Cried. I couldn’t believe it. It was as if all the hard work and hours behind the treadmill and on the street were all of a sudden worth it. After the turn around I thought for sure I was doing too much walking to make it under 40 minutes. But I did. Technically I hit the starting line at 1:50 because of the crowd, so it’s truly a 37 minute 5k.

Am I still chubby? Do I still dislike running? Did I decide to suck it up, dig in and do it anyway? Yes yes and yes. It was SO rewarding and a fabulous reminder of all I have to be thankful for.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

-Mary S.