Leadership is a Choice

Choices We Make

“Leadership is about decisions you make, and the actions you take each day. The world is waiting. Leadership is a choice – and it starts with you.” – Alyse Nelson

Happy Presidents’ Day! In honor of the holiday, the Confidence Post felt that this quote on leadership was a prefect tie in to celebrating our former leaders and taking time nurturing ourselves. Leaders are just like you and me- they need to be encouraged by those who surround them, have role models to look up to, and need to be nurtured. While perusing the internet for what to post to empower y’all on leadership, I found a great list of “5 Qualities of a Leader.” See below for the list of these top qualities. I hope they can be used as some great food for thought!

A “Leader” says “Yes, I Can!” It’s called the power of Positive Attitude.

A leader understands there will be many people throughout their life who will tell them why they CAN NOT do or be something. A leader stays focused on maintaining a positive attitude no matter what the people around them say or do. A leader stands up to peer pressure everyday to make choices for themselves.

A “Leader” says “It’s not a problem, it’s a Challenge!” It’s called Overcoming Adversity.

Everyday life is filled with challenges, however, many people call them “problems” and therefore they are overcome by their magnitude. One of the crutches in life that leaders do not use is the phrase “I Can’t.” Leaders learn very quickly in life that saying “I can’t” is just an excuse not to try. It makes it easy to give up. The first step to being a leader is to always say “Yes, I Can.” There is always another solution. You just need to ask a different or better question to find more solutions. Each challenge in life is an opportunity to learn a new lesson.

A “Leader” says “Never give up, never give up, never give up!” It’s called Perseverance.

The easiest answer or path whenever something gets hard in life is to stop or give up. A leader knows that the easiest path is not always the best path. A simple well-known quote expresses the power of perseverance very well: “Perseverance prevails when all else fails.”

A “Leader” says “I may fail or make mistakes BUT I always learn and move ahead!” It’s called Commitment.

Mistakes and failure are an integral part of life. We tend to learn the most in life from our mistakes or failures. Leaders learn to do their best and are not beaten down by their mistakes. Leaders learn to ask themselves a powerful question each time they make a mistake or fail: “What can I learn from this experience?”

A “Leader” says “I will always do my best!” It’s called Excellence.

“EXCELLENCE” or doing your very best, is a daily decision. It’s easy to be average. It takes a focused effort every day to do your best. It really is an attitude. Leaders choose to do their best in everything they do. It’s not about being better than other people; it’s just about challenging yourself to be your best.

Hopefully these qualities of leaders we have shared struck a chord for you and you can find situations where you might be able to look at things in a new light and be more of a leader. We are all responsible for the decisions we make and the actions we take. Being a leader is a choice we decide, a way of living, treating others, and perceiving situations. Keep in mind just how much power we have in those decisions and actions, and how we perceive the world around us. Once you get that important “ahah moment,” things start to become a lot clearer.

-Alex and The Confidence Post

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