What Beauty Really Is.


The Today Show posted a very cool article this week that inspired me to look within to think more about what is beautiful, and how society and media defines beauty. The Today show piece starts with “Madeline Stuart isn’t your average model. The 18-year-old with Down syndrome is breaking down barriers in the fashion world, fighting to prove that disabilities shouldn’t stop someone from chasing their dreams.” Please take a few moments to read the following article. She captures inner beauty’: Teen model with Down syndrome lands new campaign.

The article goes on to share, “‘For years Madeline has fought against the struggles, both internal and external, that go along with Down syndrome,” the company wrote on its website. ‘Through dance, swimming and cheerleading, she has worked to strengthen her heart and body. And through her modeling career, she has forced many to reconsider the conventional standards of beauty.'” I am so thrilled to see this in the news. I am thrilled because as a woman, and through my younger self’s voice, I know the true struggles that we can inflict upon ourselves trying to conform to what we think others believe is beautiful. Huge kudos to Madeline, everMaya, and the Today Show for doing your part to break down these stereotypes and empowering us all to define what is beauty. Strength, being goal oriented, uniqueness, fearlessness, confidence and drive are all beautiful…. that is the face of beauty.


Average or Beautiful?

Dove released a controversial video that made me think. If you had to pick a door to walk through, Average or Beautiful, which would you choose?

Personally, I prefer Entrance or Exit. I don’t have to constantly evaluate myself. I don’t have to think of all my flaws before justifying that I’m beautiful. While watching this video, I saw women and young girls alike, hesitating. I even saw someone turn around without making a choice. But I also saw confidence. I saw women leading and encouraging others to walk through the door marked Beautiful. Which door would you choose? Would you hesitate or would you confidently walk through Beautiful?

I know this, I would lead my daughters, my family and my friends, without hesitation, through the Beautiful door! I would be shocked and my heart would break, if those in my life ever thought of themselves as average. They are kind, warm, funny, smart and beautiful! Most people will tell you [inner] beauty is more important than looks, but do we really believe this about ourselves? I believe beauty is more than looks. But THIS DOOR…THIS DOOR, made me think about my flaws, and not all of the beauty I possess. So, how do we change this?

I don’t have all answers but I’m confident in this: if we aren’t actively nurturing our own confidence we stop progressing. So how do I plan to change this? I vow to keep growing, getting stronger, and finding and sharing my beauty because if I ever come across the Beautiful door, I’M WALKING THROUGH IT! As a matter of fact, beginning this very moment, every time I walk through a door it’s marked… Beautiful!

Will you join me in a lifelong commitment to confidence?