Diversifying Your Life Portfolio


Ever since I was a child, my mom always taught me not to put “all my eggs in one basket.”  This is a life lesson that resonates with me and I have tried to impart that lesson on younger friends and family.  But more and more lately, I have noticed people around me are overinvested in one area of their lives or the lives or their children as a measure of life success. 

“I will work 60 hours a week to be the best sales manager,” “My son/daughter will spend three-four days practicing (soccer, football, softball) and playing all weekend at games to be the best (fill in the blank),”  “I have to become Ashley’s BFF or no one will like me,” etc…

Before I get the angry emails from well-meaning parents of sports-minded children, please understand that I am not implying that is wrong in the least.  What I am asking is “Have we created a society terrified of losing?”  Pope Francis wrote a piece on the 10 Steps to Happiness in which he stated, “Consumerism has led to the anxiety of losing.”  Are we overinvesting in one area of our lives because we are afraid of we aren’t the pinnacle in one area, we aren’t anything at all? 

I am a firm believer in diversifying talents and time with friends and family as a coping mechanism for life’s natural cycle of beginnings and ends.  Everything will come to an end…school, friendships, jobs, lives.  However, if we spend the time to teach our children, friends and family that we are meant to utilize each and every unique skill we have in different capacities, the endings become the resilience we need for new beginnings. By doing this, we not only find out the richness of our own abilities and self worth but we also expand the possibilities for a more diverse, tolerant society.

When we don’t put all our (talents, relationships, intention, attention) in one basket, we see what we are truly meant to be without the fear of losing who we thing we are supposed to be.

-Cheryl L.