Unity Day

Bullying is something that each of us faces at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes we have to face it head on. Sometimes we see our friends face it. And sometimes our children have to face it and it breaks our heart.

October is Bullying Prevention month. The entire month is spent trying to increase the conversation about bullying in our communities, schools, and homes. As part of Bullying Prevention month, the third Wednesday of the month has been declared Unity Day. All across the country people will dress in Orange with the intention of starting a conversation with their friends, neighbors, and family about bullying and how it affects our community. There are rallies, movie screenings, and assemblies that encourage discussion and empowerment.

Tomorrow is the third Wednesday of October.

Tomorrow is Unity Day.

Join us in the movement to combat bullying in the 5th-8th graders of our community by wearing Orange and posting photos on social. Are you unsure of what to talk about? Do you know how to start the conversation with your child? How about starting the conversation with your parent? A conversation about bullying can be difficult, so why don’t you start by showing the video above and see where the conversation goes from there.

No one can stop bullying if we pretend it doesn’t exist. So start talking and join the movement to change your community.

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