Winning Isn’t a Measure of Success… Improving Is


I had an idea of a blog post in mind yesterday but as I was driving into work today, I heard the most insightful NPR piece, “When Kids Start Playing to Win,” on children’s development surrounding competition, winning, and the frustrations and potential low confidence that comes from comparing yourself to others. I must share this radio piece because it is insightful, has incredible nuggets of truth, and hopefully, will be mind opening to you.

When Kids Start Playing To Win

Great, great piece to read or listen to for an alternative approach to growth, confidence, and measuring success (see link below). One family shares that at age 5, when their son loses, it has a devastating effect on his self-esteem. What is emphasized is that when kids start to compare themselves to others, they are setting themselves up for losing self-confidence. That it’s important to compare yourself to your previous self as a marker of success, and no one else — looking for improvement as a measure of success rather than winning or beating someone else. 

Please enjoy this gem!

-Alex W.

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